PC Maintenance & Repair

Most Common PC Problems, Plus How We Can Help Solve Them At Competitive Rates

Once you have a PC, you need to plan on how you’ll keep it running in good condition. The problem is that when people purchase their computers and install antiviruses, they forget about maintenance until something terrible happens. So in this article, we’re highlighting some of the problems your computer might experience. Then we shall tell you why we’re the best in handling computer repairs

Potential problems that may affect your computer are as follows:

1 Blue screen of death
Perhaps you’ve seen a computer showing a blue screen with a bunch of white text you don’t even understand. This is one of the most scary¬†scenarios¬†that can ever happen to your PC. While most problems of this nature can be solved by simply rebooting the computer, sometimes it may signal an underlying problem that needs professional help.

Blue screen of death, or STOP error may appear due to the following reasons:

-Damaged software in your PC
-Corrupt files
-Failing hardware or problems with the drivers.

2 Missing DLL files
Your operating system knows how to respond to certain problems when it reads the DLL files. Occasionally, your PC may lose DLL files, so your OS doesn’t know how to respond in case something happens. This is one problem that your PC will encounter at some point in its life.

3 Abnormal application behavior
Suddenly applications may start behaving strangely, not knowing how to fix the problem. For instance, your Word processor may stop showing the top margin. However, if you print the document, everything comes out perfectly, except you just can’t see it on the monitor.

Sometimes it has to do with a virus, Trojan or malware attack on your computer. You see, some special breed of viruses will penetrate even the most sophisticated antivirus in the market. And just in case you are using a free version of your antivirus, then you are in great danger as free things are always expensive, so you don’t get enough features to protect your PC completely.

Why we offer the best affordable computer repair services
We understand that you could lose critical data due to technical hitches that may not necessarily arise from your fault. We also understand that maintaining a computer, depending on what you use it for, may come at a huge cost, so all our computer repair services are tailored to meet every individual need in the market.

-Are you in need of cloud backup services?
We offer internet backup services to keep your data safe and sound. With this technology, your data is stored safely somewhere on a reliable server, so you don’t have to foot bills in recovering important data in case your PC crashes with everything inside.

-Virus scanningIT Support
Leave it to the experts, and we will scan your computer entirely. While most people scan their computers for viruses on their own, it is always recommended that they have them professionally scanned once it a while. So when you bring your computer to us, you’ll be shocked when our technicians point out problems you were previously not aware of.

Come to us, and we shall fix whatever problem your PC may have. Whether it’s slow performance, applications that won’t install, or missing DLL files, leave it to us. We charge competitive rates on all computer repair services. So count on us to give you the best in computer repair.